Dog biscuit recipe

Dog biscuit recipe

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These peanut butter dog biscuits are Sierra’s favourite and she claims that they’re the very best canine biscuits recipe ever.

This canine biscuits recipe was initially published in 2013 and re-published in 2018 with a new video, updated photographs and recipe box format!

“Incentives.” That’s what we have to get in touch with canine biscuits now close to the home. The pups have prolonged figured out “treats” and spelling out the letters to every other in this LOL planet was beginning to get old. We’ve gotten in the habit of employing letters alternatively of words so considerably I’ve started out glancing in excess of my shoulder expecting to hear a pre-K instructor about to scold “Use your phrases!”

I’ve been wanting to come up with a new dog biscuit recipe for a although. They are super useful to have around even though Lexi is in her puppy-teenager phase. Nothing at all like a minor “incentive” to support carry a distracted puppy working when you get in touch with them to “come”. My philosophy is that when you call them more than to you, it ought to be the very best point in the globe. Complete of really like, scratches, and usually occasions a delicious deal with. Even when you want to twist their floppy ears for obtaining into one thing they aren’t supposed to.

Observe video for Peanut Butter Puppy Biscuits featuring Sierra & Lexi:

However my final couple of attempts at a new biscuit recipe weren’t as great as I had hoped. Certain Lexi and Sierra slobbered, drooled and ate them all up, but I just wasn’t feeling the exact same excitement they’ve display for the other puppy biscuits I’ve made. And I didn’t like how the new recipes would roll out, or preserve, or not crumble. It just wasn’t “it”. I consider I was f%^$-ing with the recipes too a lot.

Right after the the last handful of weeks of currently being crazy occupied with shoots for customers getting ready with their Summer time and Grilling Season recipes, the puppy parent guilt was commencing to set it. So a couple of nights ago I gave up a couple hrs sleep and was established to make a slobber worthy treat for the pups.

Starting with a fundamental canine biscuit dough, I threw in a couple factors that were good for them turmeric and ground flax seeds. Sierra will get a weird head shaking issue which at best medical examination is harmless but is almost certainly brought on by lower blood sugar so I added a bit of brown sugar. Some peanut butter ’cause they genuinely love peanut butter. And for the taste kicker, extra beef bouillon powder to the water used in the recipe. The dough rolled, minimize, and baked superbly. The only factor left was the white boxer check.

Sierra has often been a cautious eater ever since testing out a devil pepper in the backyard as a puppy. To this day, hardly ever does she take food with no carefully testing it. Even then, meals is about 5th or 6th down on her record of excellent items. Head rubs and interest, subsequent is chasing balls, cozy fleece, walks… Oh and don’t fail to remember chasing and arguing with the squirrels. It requires really a bit to get her amped over any foods item.

Verdict: In her 8 years of doggyhood, she has by no means camped out in the kitchen waiting for a deal with. Virtually every single evening considering that producing these “incentives” she can be found lying and waiting in the kitchen appropriate below the deal with container. Hand out a treat and our typically reserved, super gentle treat taker instantly flops her huge fleshy lips more than your fingers in a mad dash to get the “incentive” in her mouth. These are the ideal treats EVER.

Pups are satisfied and the “incentives” are mom and dad accredited. Guilt appeased. Now back to perform for a couple far more client shoots then we’ll see about some canine beach time.

**Post Update (2018) – Sierra is now 13 many years previous, and these are still her favored deal with ever. Sadly she is so spoiled by these treats she’ll typically spit out other treats offered to her. “Not as great as Dad’s”, she proclaims. Lexi – she’ s ridgeback. We’ve yet to meet a ridgie which didn’t Love food, so of course she loves them.

the squinty-eyed Sierra dazed by her personal whiteness and the dork-eared Lexi

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