Applesauce bread

Applesauce bread

Inside: A super moist applesauce bread recipe.

With plenty of applesauce and some dried apples for further flavor, this bread is super moist and helps make a great breakfast deal with.

Though apples feel much more like an autumn fruit, I’ve been craving spicy apple-based mostly sweets all summer time! After generating this homemade applesauce, all I could think of was this applesauce bread. It was challenging stopping Erez from nibbling so I had plenty to perform with, but I’ve discovered a excellent way to hide meals from him in the fridge. All I have to do is location it on the back of the shelf someplace – he in no way even thinks to look.

How to Make Applesauce Bread

This is a fast bread that you can make in just minutes! All you want to do is put all your wet ingredients in one particular bowl, all your dry substances in one more bowl, and mix them collectively.

Applesauce: Like I said earlier this applesauce is fantastic to use in this applesauce bread recipe. It doesn’t give a really robust apple flavor however. It genuinely assists include the two moisture and taste to this bread.

Moisture: Of of the great issues about this recipe is all the diverse parts of moisture. The applesauce, oil, brown sugar and yogurt carry on to include to the moistness.

Spice: Even though there are spices in the recipe, the cake isn’t quite spicy, but you can play with it a bit if you like. You can use just cinnamon, or include some all-spice or ginger, or use fresh nutmeg rather of ground. You can enhance the quantities of these spices to make more powerful flavors, all depending on taste.

Want a Sturdy Apple Flavor?

The applesauce doesn’t give a very strong apple flavor, though, so I like to add dried apples to make it much more intense. Even with out them, this cake is delicious, boasting a wonderful delicate taste.

Healthy Substitutions

Not only this bread is delicious, but it’s quite wholesome and minimal in excess fat. Plus, with a couple of substitutions, you can make it even more healthy. For example, you can substitute 1/two cup of the all-purpose flour with complete-wheat flour (which will consequence in heavier and denser texture), use decreased excess fat yogurt, and minimize the sum of sugar to 1/two cup.

I like to sprinkle the batter with some sugar ahead of baking, which gives it a sweet and crunchy prime. Even though it’s really tasty this way, the top might crack (as you see in the photographs), so if you don’t like the search of it, you can sprinkle the cake with some nuts or oats as an alternative, or don’t best it at all.

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